Anote’s Ark

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

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77 mins | Documentary | Kiribati | English

Directed by Matthieu Rytz

The  low-lying  Pacific nation  of Kiribati faces  a daunting challenge:  imminent annihilation from  sea-level rise. As Anote Tong,  Kiribati’s President, races to find  a way to protect his nation’s people  and maintain their dignity, many iKiribati  are seeking safe harbor overseas. Set against  the backdrop of international climate negotiations  and the fight to recognize climate displacement as an  urgent human rights issue, Anote’s personal struggle to save  his nation is intertwined with the extraordinary fate of Sermary,  a young mother of six, who decides to migrate her family to New  Zealand. At stake are the survival of Sermary’s family, the iKiribati  people, and 4,000 years of iKiribati culture—yet the story also serves as  a cautionary tale for low-lying populations everywhere.

This film is part of the Pacific Showcase sponsored by Pacific Islanders in Communications.