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Polish up your broadsword and prepare your Magic Missile, because Exhumed Films is transporting you to a magical realm of caverns and creatures, of mazes and monsters. Fantasy Quest is a five-film marathon featuring some of the most beloved fantasy features of the 1980’s, all projected from rare, original 35mm film prints. We will also have an audience participation role-playing game running throughout the show where lucky “adventurers” can do battle with brutal beasts to win fabulous treasures, and maybe even determine the events of the show! Join the campaign as we present the following fan favorites:  

1983 / 35mm / Dir. Peter Yates / 116 minutes
British filmmaker Peter Yates (father of the frequent HARRY POTTER helmer David Yates) directed this big budget fantasy/sci-fi mashup that has become a true cult classic over the last 35 years. On the faraway planet of Krull, the noble Prince Colwyn must seek out a magical weapon that will help him rescue Princess Lyssa from an evil overlord known only as The Beast. He is aided on his quest by a team of loyal knights (including Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane) who must battle The Beast’s stormtrooper-like soldiers as Colwyn attempts to save his fiance--and his world!

1982 / 35mm / Dir. John Milius / 129 minutes
This adaptation of the famed Robert E. Howard pulp fiction stories--co-written by director Milius and Oliver Stone--put a young Arnold Schwarzenegger on the road to superstardom. Set in the ancient Hyborean Age, CONAN THE BARBARIAN tells the tale of powerful warrior who seeks vengeance against the cruel cult leader Thulsa Doom (the always amazaing James Earl Jones) for the murder of his parents. Along the way, Conan does battle with giant creatures and joins forces with a wily archer and a beautiful brigand (Sandahl Bergman) in order to avenge his family and defeat the Cult of Doom. Featuring violent setpieces and a stellar cast that also includes Max Von Sydow and William Smith, CONAN THE BARBARIAN is bloody good fun.

1985 / 35mm / Dir. Ridley Scott / 90 minutes    
In 1985, famed director Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER) cast newly minted superstar Tom Cruise as the lead in what was originally conceived as an epic, Tolkien-esque fairy tale adventure. Budget constraints and studio interference ultimately truncated Scott’s vision, resulting in a somewhat abbreviated adventure tale. Nevertheless, the film’s beautiful cinematography and stunning make-up effects (courtesy of THE THING’s Rob Bottin)--plus a scene-stealing performance from Tim Curry as the Prince of Darkness--make LEGEND more than worth a look. The simple story involves a country boy named Jack who faces off against witches, goblins, and assorted monsters in order to prevent the love of his life from becoming, essentially, the devil’s bride. Although alternate versions of the film containing additional footage and the original score by composer Jerry Goldsmith have been released on DVD and Blu-ray, LEGEND is presented here in its original US theatrical cut, which features music & songs by Tangerine Dream, Bryan Ferry, and Yes singer Jon Anderson.

As any good Dungeon Master would tell you, no adventure is complete without a few random encounters! Therefore, following the three films listed above, Fantasy Quest will also include TWO bonus fantasy features from the 1980s that will remain secret until showtime! You’d need at least Level 5 Augury in order to divine which movies will serve as our final bosses.Will we show you bona fide classics, or hunks of cheese? Italian sword-and-sandal pepla? Animated fantasy films? Ridiculous rip-offs? Are the Exhumed Films guys feeling Lawful Good, or Chaotic Evil? Join us on Sunday, July 14 to find out!