Holiday Horrors!

Double Feature! - Presented by Exhumed Films

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Exhumed Films is thrilled to reunite with our friends at Lightbox Film Center for our first co-production since 2019! Join EF and Lightbox for a cruel yule as we present a double feature of Christmas-themed terror!

Don’t Open till Christmas

Released the same year as the infamous Santa slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night, Don’t Open till Christmas is a British production that also features a crazed killer stalking unsuspecting victims during the Xmas season. The twist here is that, rather than dress as Santa himself, this masked maniac delivers seasons beatings to any poor bloke wearing a Father Christmas costume. It’s up to Scotland Yard to track down the holiday head case before he turns all of London into a bloody nightmare! (Edmund Purdom, UK, 1984, 86 min.)

To All a Goodnight

Directed by none other than Krug himself, Last House on the Left star David Hess took a turn behind the camera to craft this seasonal shocker that seems to crib plot elements from films like Prom Night and Black Christmas. A holiday prank leads to the accidental death of an ill-fated prep school student; two years later, a lunatic in a Santa suit shows up at the school and preys upon a group of girls who have made the regrettable decision to remain on campus alone over winter break. Are the killings just random acts of violence, or is there some connection to the deadly accident that occurred years earlier? Keep an eye out for a few familiar faces like‘80s favorite Jennifer Runyon (Up the Creek, Ghostbusters) and adult film legend Harry Reems (Deep Throat) in a rare mainstream movie role. (David Hess, USA, 1980, 87 min.)

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