Laurel & Hardy: Four Early Films

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Duck Soup

Two vagrants find shelter in a temporarily empty mansion but have to masquerade as its owner and his maid when a wealthy couple call to rent the place. (Fred Guiol, USA, 1927, 20 min.)

The Second 100 Years

Two convicts escape from prison but are trapped into masquerading as a couple of French prison officials at a dinner party given by the Governor. (Fred Guiol, USA, 1927, 20 min)

Call of the Cuckoo

Thanks to the antics of their crazy neighbors, a family moves to a new house, but they find that their new dwelling is not too sturdily built. (Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1927, 17 min.)

The Battle of the Century

After a terrible boxer loses a bout, his manager takes out an insurance policy on him and tries to cause an accident, which results in an epic pie fight. (Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1927, 19 min.)