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New Toronto Works

Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works is a high voltage program of new media artworks: a cinematic screening stitched together by a live wire. In an exhibition that combines emerging and established artists; and features works that range from glitch art to animation, essay films to archival interventions, ‘newness’ describes the conceptual and aesthetic intensity that links these ten experimental pieces. Here, this program’s refusal of a singular connective thematic tissue makes for a pulsating trip across works that are truly distinct from one another. As each short film begins, our spectatorial experience is refreshed by the incisive imaginations of these Toronto-based creators who probe urgent and unexpected questions.

With support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

View the full program below along with a Q&A moderated by multimedia artist and UArts professor Jennifer Zaylea 


Disembodied Beings

(Freya Björg Olafson, Canada, 2019, 7 min.)

The Bathers

(Sonia Beckwith, Canada, 2019, 1 min.)

Little Boshkung (“lake of many echoes”)

Andrew Lennox, Canada, 2019, 10 min.)


(Nikole Hidalgo McGregor, Canada, 2019, 3 min.)

Not Moldova, 1937

(Madi Piller, Canada, 2019, 16mm, 14 min.)

Memory & Distortion

(Cody Rooney, Canada, 2019, 4 min.)

Coherence (or maybe not...)

(Bo Fan, Canada, 2019, 9 min.)

Here You Can Only Gain Respect by Killing Other Men

(Renee Lear, Canada, 2019, 6 min.)

Unquiet on the Western Front

(Sophie Jaworski, Canada, 2019, 3 min.)

CRACKERS a brief history of code

(Jan Swinburne, Canada, 2019, 4 min.)

Total Run Time: 1:02:13