Newsreel ’68: Program 2

Columbia Revolt (Newsreel #14), and El Pueblo Se Levanta (The People Are Rising) (Newsreel #63)

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Columbia Revolt (Newsreel #14)

US, 1968, 50 min., b/w

In April 1968, black and white students rebelled against the university administration at Columbia in one of the first campus revolts of the era. After five days of student control, the administrators and trustees ordered the police to clear the buildings, resulting in an unprecedented display of brutality and repression. Narrated by one of the student rebels, this detailed eyewitness account galvanized other campus revolts around the country.

El Pueblo Se Levanta (The People Are Rising) (Newsreel #63)

US, 1971, 50 min., b/w

Faced with racial discrimination, deficient community services, and poor education and job opportunities in the late 1960s, Puerto Rican communities of East Harlem began to address these injustices with direct action. This film captures the compassion and militancy of the Young Lords as they implemented their own health, educational, and public assistance programs and fought back against social injustice.

Introduced by Charles B. Clarke, Producer/Host of Labor Justice Radio on WPPM.