5 è il Numero Perfetto (5 Is the Perfect Number)

Igor Tuveri, Italy, 2019, 100 min.

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In a deserted Naples, noir and metaphysical, an old killer is forced to get back on track. These are the main ingredients of 5 Is the Perfect Number, based on the eponymous and award-winning graphic novel by Igor Tuveri, one of the leading Italian comic writers, now directing his surprising debut film, full of visual and cinematic references, and with a superb soundtrack. The protagonist is a retired killer, Peppino Lo Cicero (Toni Servillo) who now is only looking after his son, a killer himself, and his hobby for fishing. In the course of his latest mission, Nino gets murdered by the man he was supposed to kill. Someone has betrayed the young man, so Peppino gets back to his old life to take revenge, because “blood calls on blood, and this is the rule.”