Night with Nuns

Ida, followed by Black Narcissus

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Lightbox Film Center and The Fabric Workshop and Museum are pleased to host Night with Nuns. Providing a glimpse into the life of devotion, the films in this program were selected as a companion to themes addressed in Suzanne Bocanegra: Poorly Watched Girls. Complimentary religious-themed beer will be served between the two screenings (ID required).

Paweł Pawlikowski, Poland/Denmark/France/UK, 2014, 82 min., Polish & French w/ English subtitles

18-year-old orphan Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska) is preparing to become a nun when the Mother Superior insists she first visit her sole living relative. She soon finds herself in the presence of her aunt Wanda (Agata Kulesza), a cynical Communist Party insider, who shocks her with the declaration that her real name is Ida and her Jewish parents were murdered during the Nazi occupation. This revelation triggers a heart-wrenching journey into the family’s country house and repressed secrets from the past—both the haunting legacy of the Holocaust and the realities of postwar Communism. 

Followed by:

Black Narcissus
Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, UK, 1947, 111 min. 

This Powell and Pressburger classic is set in a community of nuns living in the Himalayas. Their spiritual aims are hampered by the arrival of a beautiful native girl and a young general. As the two elope together, the nuns are left attributing blame to one another and, when a young child dies in their care, tensions begin to rise.

Suzanne Bocanegra: Poorly Watched Girls is on view at the Fabric Workshop and Museum until February 17.

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Support for Suzanne Bocanegra: Poorly Watched Girls is provided by the Coby Foundation, Ltd.; the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; the Joy of Giving Something, Inc.; the National Endowment for the Arts; Maja Paumgarten and John Parker; Katie Adams Schaeffer and Tony Schaeffer; and Henry S. McNeil.