Niki and Flo

The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution

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A very black comedy, Niki and Flo is about ill-suited neighbors united by marriage. Angela and her husband have decided to leave Romania for a better life in the United States. Niki, Angela’s father, a former colonel in the Romanian army, is torn between his wish to see his daughter happy and his desire to have her remain nearby. Meanwhile Flo, the father of Angela’s husband and a domestic tyrant of sorts, slowly exerts his control over Niki. The screenplay was written by Cristi Puiu and Răzvan Rădulescu, who collaborated on Stuff and Dough and The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu. (Lucian Pintilie, Romania, 2003, 96 min.) In Romanian with English subtitles 

Due to the postponement of the touring program, Making Waves has made more titles from this series available to stream. Visit makingwaves.filmetc.org for more information.

The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution 

A retrospective initiated by the Making Waves Film Festival & Cinema Projects

Originated at Film Forum New York (Nov 15-26, 2019)

Produced by Corina Șuteu and Oana RaduCurated by Mihai Chirilov, Corina Șuteu, and David Schwartz (Cinema Projects) With the support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding, Romanian Filmmakers Union, Dacin Sara and the Romanian National Film Center, Blue Heron Foundation and numerous individual donors