Out of the Blue

Dennis Hopper, Canada, 1980, 35mm, 93 min.

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Dennis Hopper, Canada, 1980, 35mm, 93 min.

More than a decade after helming the iconic Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper took on the next wave of youth rebellion in his film Out of the Blue. Its title taken from the Neil Young song “My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue),” the story follows 15-year old Cebe as she attempts to navigate the world between her alcoholic, ex-con father and her heroin-addicted mother. Cebe’s only heroes are Elvis Presley and Johnny Rotten and her only escape is through their music. The downward spiral of this shattered family is captured by Hopper’s direction in wide-eyed, gut-wrenching detail until the final, disturbing conclusion.