Snails' Senator

The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution

3/20/2020 | 7:00 PM


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Senator Vîrtosu (Dorel Vișan) spends the weekend at a guesthouse formerly owned by the Communist Party, where in true Communist tradition, he’s presented with gifts from its employees and petitions from the local villagers. But his relaxing weekend is disrupted by a crew of Swiss journalists filming in the area. Vîrtosu cooperates with them, trying to make sure the reporters present his country favorably, while of course hiding certain details from them. This Cannes competition entry reframes Daneliuc's 1980 The Cruise against the backdrop of a society in transition and adds apocalyptic and Dostoevskian accents to the depravity and penance of the main villain—the Communist Party activist turned member of a democratic parliament. Daneliuc’s film is a fierce political satire that thankfully doesn’t concern itself with delivering a positive image of Romania. (Mircea Daneliuc, Romania, 1995, 112 min.) In Romanian and French with English subtitles


The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution

A retrospective initiated by the Making Waves Film Festival & Cinema Projects

Originated at Film Forum New York (Nov 15-26, 2019)

Produced by Corina Șuteu and Oana Radu

Curated by Mihai Chirilov, Corina Șuteu, and David Schwartz (Cinema Projects)

The U.S. Tour is made possible by the support of Adrian Ghenie, Șerban Savu and Galeria Plan B, Moebius Gallery, Alexandre Almajeanu and Gentica Foundation, Dacin Sara, and numerous individual donors