Take Your Bags + A String of Pearls

Co-Presented with Scribe Video Center

5/12/2023 | 7:00 PM


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NOTE: This program takes place at Scribe Video Center, 3908 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Take Your Bags

New 2K Restoration

Camille Billops explores the legacy of slavery and the theft of cultural memory. (Camille Billops, USA, 1998, 11 min.)

"My take on slavery: when the Africans boarded the ships bound for America, they carried in their bags all their memories of home. When they arrived in the New World, their bags had been switched… Many generations later, the children of these Africans toured the Museum of Modern Art to see the sculptures and art of Picasso, Braque and Matisse. Lo! There were the beautiful icons of their ancestors, the images that had been stolen from their bags." —Camille Billops

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A String of Pearls

New 2K Restoration

In the final installment of her acclaimed Family Trilogy (which also includes Suzanne, Suzanne and Finding Christa), Camille Billops turns the camera on four generations of men in her family and considers the ways in which urban violence, unemployment, and the early deaths of their own fathers have shaped their lives. (Camille Billops & James Hatch, USA, 2002, 56 min.)