The Experience / Suit for a Wedding

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The Experience
Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 1973, 60 min., Persian w/ English subtitles

An orphaned adolescent boy Mamad works (and occasionally sleeps) at a photo studio. On an errand, he spies a slightly older and more affluent girl who becomes the object of his desire. He decides to find a way to gain employment as a servant at the girl’s house. When his proposal is offered, he finds himself anxiously awaiting the answer. Kiarostami’s debut feature, though barely an hour long, finds the director reimagining the trope of “poor boy falls for rich girl” in a way that foreshadows stark reality of his later works.

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Suit for a Wedding
Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 1976, 57 min., Persian w/ English subtitles

A woman orders a suit from a tailor for her young son to wear to her sister's wedding. The tailor's apprentice, together with two other teenage boys who work in the same building, devise a plan to try on the suit at night to see what it feels like. Things get a little complicated, but in the morning, at the last possible minute, they manage to return the suit to its proper place.