The Planters

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In the wake of her parents death, awkward telemarketer Martha Plant lives a lonely existence sucking at selling air conditioners, burying stolen treasure in the desert, and eating split pea soup. When she fortuitously collides into Sadie Mayflower, a bubbly vagrant with an orange suitcase and penchant for chit chat, Martha takes her in and offers her a position as her treasure-burying assistant. When Martha learns her job is on the line, Sadie earns her spot on the couch by teaching Martha how to interact with her customers. But Martha quickly discovers her people-savvy friend has multiple personalities, some nicer than others. As Martha navigates having three friends in one, she uses some of her new skills to strike up a companionship with an air-conditioning client, Richard Cox. Meanwhile, Sadie begins seeing biblical visions and seeks spiritual consultation from an elderly church caretaker named Jesús. When someone starts stealing Martha’s treasure, this motley crew of desert loners unite in unusual ways to find the culprit. (Hannah Leder & Alexandera Kotcheff, USA, 2020, 78 min.) 

The Planters