The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

Imagining Abolitionist Futures

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Director Brett Story in person

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes is a film about the prison and its life in the American landscape: from a California mountainside where female prisoners fight raging wildfires, to a Bronx warehouse full of goods destined for the state correctional system, to an Appalachian coal town betting its future on the promise of prison jobs. (Brett Story, USA/Canada, 2016, 86 min.)

Followed by a convesation between Brett Story and Robert Seleem Holbrook

Screening with support from cinéSPEAK, and Haverford College as part of Imagining Abolitionist Futures, a year-long Hurford Center initiative exploring the role of the arts and humanities in the struggle to dismantle the carceral state and build reparative practices and institutions in the place of a system driven by racism, retribution, and violence.

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