The Story of Movies – Portraits of America: Democracy on Film

The Film Foundation, in partnership with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), is proud to announce its newest program from The Story of Movies, “Portraits of America: Democracy on Film.”

This curriculum explores films that focus on people – individual Americans, whether real or fictional, whose stories embody and reflect the ideals and challenges of our democratic society.

A wide range of cinematic works have portrayed America in rich, complex, and multifaceted ways, and the ideas inherent in each film will resonate lastingly with students through the empathy created by these unforgettable characters and their powerful stories.

The Film Foundation created The Story of Movies cinema literacy curriculum, launched in 2005, to teach young people to understand the visual language of film. Using an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on critical thinking, the curriculum encourages students to appreciate classic films within a cultural, historical, and aesthetic context. The Story of Movies sharpens students’ critical-thinking skills and empowers them to think creatively about visual literacy, while gaining an appreciation for the importance of film preservation and artists’ rights.

In conjunction with the new program, Lightbox Film Center will screen two films from the curriculum to the public. Both screenings are free.

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