Lightbox at Home - Pandora

By: Lightbox Film Center


Lightbox at Home: Pandora

Lightbox at Home is an ongoing series that highlights overlooked films and videos available for free online viewing. Lightbox Director Jesse Pires has chosen a wide range of moving image works that are ripe for rediscovery. Each piece is accompanied by an introduction to further explore its context and significance. Lightbox at Home is the ideal companion to Lightbox’s cutting-edge film exhibition program. 

Episode One: Pandora (Derek May, Canada, 1971, 6 min.)

Introduced by Jesse Pires (Lightbox Film Center at UArts) & Herb Shellenberger (Independent Curator)

Herb Shellenberger is a film programmer and writer originally from Pennsylvania and based in London. He is Programmer for the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, where he has worked since 2016, and Editor of Rep Cinema International, a newsletter on repertory and archival film programming around the world.