A Night of Video Art Curated by Jayson Musson

Co-presented with the Fabric Workshop & Museum

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Join Fabric Workshop & Museum Artist in Residence Jayson Musson BFA ’02 (Photography), at his alma mater, for an evening of performance art videos curated from the collection of Electronic Arts Intermix.

Co-presented with the Fabric Workshop & Museum in conjunction with the exhibition Jayson Musson: His History of Art, on view through Nov. 13


Famous Quotes from Art History

(Michael Smith, USA, 2001-2003, 1.5 min.)

In French with English subtitles


Restless Leg Saga

(Shana Moulton, USA, 2012, 7 min.)



(Kalup Linzy, USA, 2006, 3.5 min.)


P Unit Mixtape 2005

(Paper Rad, USA, 2005, 21 min.)


Untitled Fall ’95 (excerpt)

(Alex Bag, USA, 1995, 5 min.)


Secret Horror

(Michael Smith, USA, 1980, 13.5 min.)



(Cory Arcangel, and Frankie Martin, USA, 2004, 5 min., b&w)


My Twilight Zone Thing

(Sondra Perry, USA, 2014, 1 min.)


Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman

(Dara Birnbaum, USA, 1978-1979, 6 min.)


The TV Commercials 1973-1977

(Chris Burden, USA, 1973-1977/2000, 4 min.)



(Cheryl Donegan, USA, 1993, 4 min.)


Pursuit of Gay (Happyness)

(Kalup Linzy, USA, 2007, 5 min.)



(Jayson Musson, USA, 2017, 8 min.)


How to Curate Your Own Group Exhibition

(Michael Smith, USA, 1996, 3 min.)

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