Dream Dance: Program Six

Time of the Heathen / Scrambles / Film Magazine of the Arts

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Time of the Heathen
Peter Kass, US, 1961, 16mm, 75 min., b/w
Rarely screened since its debut, Time of the Heathen is an atmospheric examination of cold war trauma and racial tensions in America. In addition to his role as cinematographer, Emshwiller constructed the disturbing color sequence at the end of the film.
Courtesy of Sam Kass

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Ed Emshwiller, US, 1963, 16mm, 15 min., b/w
A document of a motorcycle race in all its fast-paced, explosive glory.

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Film Magazine of the Arts
Jonas Mekas, US, 1963, 16mm, 20 min., color
With camera assistance from Ed Emshwiller, Jonas Mekas captures New York’s vibrant arts scene, ranging from Joseph Papp’s Shakespeare in the Park, an Andy Warhol gallery exhibition, and the staging of a Robert Whitman performance.

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