Exhumed Films presents: The Legend of Hell House & The Entity

A double dose of haunted houses and perverse poltergeists!

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Join Exhumed Films for a double dose of haunted houses and perverse poltergeists as we present two of the grimmest ghost stories ever, both in 35mm!

1973 / 35mm / Dir. John Hough / 95 minutes

Forty years before THE CONJURING, acclaimed genre writer Richard Matheson (THE TWILIGHT ZONE, I AM LEGEND) adapted his novel HELL HOUSE for the big screen and gave audiences the original husband & wife ghost-hunting superteam. THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE focuses on parapsychologist Dr. Lionel Barrett and his wife Ann (Clive Revill and Gayle Hunnicut), who are tasked with investigating the infamous Belasco House; the former home of a mysterious, debauched millionaire and the site of a gruesome massacre, the mansion is also allegedly the “Mount Everest” of haunted houses.They are teamed with a duo of mediums, including the sole survivor of a failed investigation twenty years previous (PLANET OF THE APES and FRIGHT NIGHT fave Roddy McDowall). It isn’t long before the foursome falls under the sinister influence of Hell House and its undead denizens, and there is no telling which of them--if any--will make it out alive. THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE is a creepy, effective thriller that stands with THE CHANGELING and Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING as of the greatest haunted house films ever made.   

1982 / 35mm / Dir. Sidney J. Furie / 95 minutes

Canadian-born director Sidney J. Furie has an ecclectic resume, having helmed everything from Hammer-style British horror (DR. BLOOD’S COFFIN) to Oscar nominated dramas (LADY SINGS THE BLUES) to gritty actioners (THE IPCRESS FILE, THE BOYS IN COMPANY C). With THE ENTITY, Furie tells a disturbing--and allegedly true--story of a young single mother (Barbara Hershey) who is terrorized by an invisible demonic force. After repeated sexual assaults from the unseen being, the woman seeks the help of parapsychologists, as she is desperate to prove her sanity and desperate to end her torment. Cited by iconic director and film fan Martin Scorcese as one of his top five favorite horror movies of all time, THE ENTITY is a brutal and unnerving portrait of supernatural malevolence invading the mundane world.