My Little Loves

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Jean Eustache’s second and final narrative feature, My Little Loves, follows Daniel (Martin Loeb) as he navigates the bewildering world of early adolescence. Living with his grandmother (Jacqueline Dufranne) in a sleepy village outside of Bordeaux, France, Daniel enjoys a carefree existence with his similarly innocent peers. But when his mother (Ingrid Caven) arrives and relocates him to Narbonne, Daniel is prematurely thrust into adulthood: pulled out of school, he is forced to work for a surly mechanic and left to his own devices, spurring him to fall in with an older crowd that is far more experienced in dating and sex. Featuring a wonderfully nuanced performance by Loeb, My Little Loves is a coming-of-age gem, surpassed only by Eustache’s own masterpiece, The Mother and the Whore. (Jean Eustache, France, 1974, 124 min.) In French with English subtitles