Naked Acts

New 4K Restoration

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Set within the demanding and revealing milieu of a low-budget film shoot, Naked Acts tells the story of Cicely, an actress, who has recently lost 57 pounds and has landed her first role in a low-budget art film. She soon learns that the role requires a nude scene. Her dilemma: How to keep her clothes on and keep her part? Cicely launches on a personal journey that unveils a secret she once kept hidden beneath her girth. Along the way, she discovers that emotional nakedness is far more revealing than taking her clothes off could ever be. (Bridgett Davis, USA, 1995, 87 min.)

Followed by a conversation with Bridgett Davis, Maya Cade (Black Film Archive), Maori Holmes (BlackStar)

Naked Acts has been digitally restored and remastered by Lightbox Film Center at University of the Arts (Philadelphia) in collaboration with Milestone Film, with support from Ron and Suzanne Naples. Thank you to Jesse Pires. This 2023 restoration is from the 16mm a/b rolls preserved at the Indiana University Black Film Center & Archive. Thank you to Rachael Stoeltje, Amber Bertin, and JaQuita Roberts. Restoration and release with creative consultation by Maya S. Cade. 4K digital restoration by Metropolis Post. Sound restoration by Rich Cutler Sound Mix & Design. A Milestone Film & Video release.