Nitrate Kisses

Barbara Hammer, US, 1992, 16mm, 67 min.

6/21/2019 | 7:00 PM


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Nitrate Kisses explores eroded emulsions and images for lost vestiges of lesbian and gay culture in this first feature by a pioneer of lesbian cinema, Barbara Hammer. A forbidden and invisible history of a marginalized people are put in context by the contemporary sexual activities of four gay and lesbian couples. The role of sexuality in the historic present underscores the resistance of two cultures, gay and lesbian, struggling to survive in the complex interaction of power and domination of a dominant heterosexist ideology.

Preceded by:
Barbara Hammer, US, 1973, 16mm, 8 min.
A celebration and collage of lesbians, including footage of the Women's International Day march in San Francisco and joyous dancing from the last night of the second Lesbian Conference where Family of Woman played, as well as images of women doing all types of traditional "men's" work.

Preserved for Barbara Hammer by BB Optics, Inc. and the Academy Film Archive with support from NYWIFT Women's Film Preservation Fund.

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Friday, June 21, 2019 at 6pm: Nitrate Kisses
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