Queer Genius

Chet Catherine Pancake, US, 2019, 115 min.

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Queer Genius is a cinematic exploration of four visionary queer artists breaking down barriers in their creative fields as they confront fame, failure, family, gender, and sexuality. The film embraces the communal possibilities of “genius” from a particularly queer perspective crossing genre and generational perspective. The film features intertwined portraits of Eileen Myles, Barbara Hammer, Jibz Cameron, and Black Quantum Futurism.

In conjunction with the premiere of Queer Genius, Lightbox will present a selection of groundbreaking nonfiction films that re-imagine or “queer” the form of documentary, incorporating poetry, reenactment and found footage. The program includes major works by Su Friedrich, Barbara Hammer (one of the subjects of Queer Genius) and Marlon Riggs.