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Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective

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For his 1991 exhibition at The Kitchen, Tony Conrad organized a compilation of his videos made between 1977 and 1990. Titled Authorized to Surrender, the compilation was screened daily during the run of the exhibition at the Kitchen. Spanning a range of subjects, locations, and exhibition platforms from museums and galleries to public access television, the videos gathered in Authorized to Surrender demonstrate Tony Conrad’s rich experimentation with video production and distribution. This selection of videos touches on the concerns Conrad articulated throughout his career, from questions of authority and will to politics and praxis on the ground.

Concord Ultimatum
1977, 10 min.

Redressing Down
1988, 18 min.

Ipso Facto
1985, 7 min.

1984, 3 min.

No Europe
1990, 14 min.

In Line
1985, 7 min.

Eye Contact
1985, 8 min.

Research: Knowing with Television
1983-5, 7 min.

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Image: Tony Conrad in front of Yellow Movie 2/2/73 (1973) and two Yellow Movie—35mm Format canvases (1973), in his retrospective exhibition, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York, December 1977. Photo: Kevin Noble. Yellow Movie 2/2/73 courtesy The Estate of Tony Conrad and Greene Naftali, New York. Image courtesy Tony Conrad Archives. Work © The Estate of Tony Conrad.