Warm Blood

Philadelphia Premiere

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Red is a driven young runaway who returns to her hometown to track down her wayward father. Inhabiting the fringes of Modesto, California in the toxic haze of the 1980’s, Warm Blood is a politically subversive, searing collage of sound, narrative, documentary and trash B movie meta narratives, hand stitched by filmmaker Rick Charnoski in his debut feature. (Rick Charnoski, USA, 2022, 86 min.)

Preceded by: 

The Body Corporate

The Body Corporate tells a story about skateboarding being an act of defiance, a path away from the status quo & spoon fed commercialism while also telling the story of what drew these skaters (The Anti-Hero team) to skateboarding & why it sticks so strongly. Shot in New Zealand in 2017 on Super 8, 16mm and video, This "Lost Anti-Hero/Six Stair film" is being re-released and opening for Warm Blood at select theaters on its 2023-24 premier tour. (Rick Charnoski & Coan Nichols, USA, 2017, 39 min. Anti-Hero/Six Stair.)

Followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker