Imaging the Avant-Garde: Program 5

The End of the Track

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The End of the Track (US premiere)
Mou Tun-fei, Taiwan, 1970, 35mm transferred to video, 91 min., Chinese w/ English subtitles

Tong and Yong-sheng are inseparable playmates, but when Yong-sheng dies in a track training accident with Tong present, Tong feels heartbroken and guilt-ridden. Burdened by solitude after losing his best friend, Tong falls into a dark spiral. At the time, this film was banned. Some felt that certain segments drew comparison with the short story The Noodle Stall by Chen Ying-zhen, a key figure of Taiwan’s 1960s literary movement who was imprisoned twice for “subversive activity.”

This series has been curated by the Taiwan International Documentary Festival, with support from the Taiwan Film Institute, and is presented in collaboration with the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.

【11th TIDF】台灣切片|想像式前衛:1960s 的電影實驗預告 Imagining the Avant-garde: Film Experiments of the 1960s Trailer